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Trust Values

Our values are about 'how we do things around here' at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. They are called 'Together We Care' - it's simple but true.

The values are based around five key points: Committed to Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability, Compassion and Integrity.

Our values define the acceptable standards and behaviours within our organisation and are now a key part of the Trust’s strategy and visible around the organisation.

Full values statements

The values were put together from the opinions and ideas of a large number of our staff from every area of the organisation.

Keeping children, young people and families at the heart of what we do

Committed to Excellence

  • We will seek to improve the way we work and deliver a high quality standard of care
  • We will be open to new ideas, through innovation, research and education locally, nationally and internationally


  • We will work together with and for our patients and their families
  • We will work to the best of our ability and take pride in our achievements


  • We will create a supportive working environment where everyone takes responsibility for their own actions


  • We will show empathy and understanding, treating everyone with dignity and courtesy
  • We will respect each other and those we care for


  • We will value differences and treat everyone with a fair and consistent approach
  • We will take an open, honest and ethical approach

You can dowload the Trust's Values Leaflet - here


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